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Gravalosdimonte tutor at RECYCLE LIMBURG international Workshop

Gravalosdimonte architects tutor at (re)CYCLE LIMBURG international Workshop, from December the 12 till 16. The workshop will be guided by Nurhan Abujidi, Herwin Sap, (Zuyd University), Cecilia Furlan (Zuyd University; IUAV, KU Leuven), NHTV Breda, March Hoelvot NIEUWBRUUT Architectural Office, Gravalosdimonte Architectural Office, Patrizia Di Monte and Ignacio Gràvalos, Rik Martens, Erol Oztan and several invited critics in the field of architecture and urban design.

Cities and territories as renewable resources is today quite a shared concept among architects and urbanists; however each territory is unique, hence needs specific approaches  to be “re-cycled”. This implies to closely observe territory and read the traces left from the continues process of transition, cancellation and rewriting (Corboz 1983).

Located in the South of Netherlands, Limburg appears to be a territory in transition and is certainly going through deep-set changes and be at the conclusion of one or more life cycles. Speaking of life cycle for cities and territories entails to understand dynamics of transformations, that occur slowly or after radical shocks. Each of them implies losses and costs, but offers potentiality of underperforming sites. Starting from the evaluation of what already exist the concept of recycle aims to work with former architectural elements, infrastructures, public spaces and vacant sites. 


Zuyd University

KU Leuven

NHTV Breda


gravalosdimonte’ URBAN KITCHEN in the International Lab of “THIS IS NOT DETROIT FESTIVAL” _ETOPIA

Hoy y mañana se van a presentar en el International Lab of ” This is not Detroit Festival” (en Etopia, Zaragoza), las propuestas realizadas por los artistas invitados al Festival Internacional, que se celebró entre mayo y junio en la ciudad de Bochum, Alemania. Gravalosdimonte participamos junto a Festival Trayectos, Festival Asalto y Azofra como exponmentes de la ciudad de Zaragoza, junto a artistas de Gliwice, Liverpool y Bochum, cuatro ciudades europeas que tienen en común ser sede de fábricas de la empresa automovilística Opel.

Esta tarde a las 20.00 tendremos la oportunidad de presentar el workshop realizado y el proceso de transformación de la Urban Kitchen Caravan.

estonoesunsolar urban kitchen This is not Detroit festival


Festival This is not Detroit,  Schauspielhaus de Bochum,  Urbane Kunste Ruhr


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